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Services for furthering education, employment & well-being


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Services and consultancy relating to mental functioning & capacity


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What is RightPro?

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RightPro is a charity aimed at furthering the understanding of psychological issues in legal, education and employment contexts, particularly relating to equality, disability and capacity.  It brings together professionals and organisations that provide clinical, educational, employment and legal services relating to well-being and supporting engagement in education and employment.

We meet our charitable aims mainly through the activities of our members rather than by financial means: we encourage affiliated professionals and organisations to contribute towards this in whatever way they can.

As the nonprofit component of MPAevery.ProRightPro receives the majority of its resources from McKeown Professional Associates (MPA).  MPA provides clinical, educational and expert witness services to clients, families, schools and other organisations, and also operates EveryPro, the free listings directory for expert witnesses, lawyers and clinicians - and which also handles all networking functions for RightPro.

How to use RightPro?

Our members co-ordinate and provide consultancy, assessments, reports, advice and hands-on support to individuals, organisations, employers and educators relating to the full range of employment, equality, diversity, disability, reasonable adjustment, capacity, mental health and substance use issues. They also provide positive psychology input to organisations interested in developing their recruitment and retainment strategies, particularly in relation to neuro-atypicality and the advantages that come with developing talent in unusual people.

Our members are all professionals and organisations that provide these services separate to RightPro: we bring them together under a single point of contact so that clients can access the full range of services without having to join the dots themselves.  MPA donates resources to RightPro to co-ordinate and develop these activities.

We work at all levels - from an individual assessment to a company-wide strategy. So whatever you are looking for, we can help you to find the service you require.